4 Casino Establishments That Help Christian Charities

The contributions made by the casino establishments have been quite significant in recent times. This has happened despite the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The societal contributions that these establishments have benefited the Christian charities immensely. Among these charities are the ones that work for the persecuted Christians.  Most of these casino establishments … Read more

2 Powerful Stories of Faith from Persecuted Christians

You might’ve heard countless incidents of terrorists blowing up buildings and killing innocent people. These stories don’t serve any purpose rather than filling the human heart with fear and uncertainty. On the other hand, you’ll also hear about incidents that make you believe in Jesus Christ even more. These are stories of people who died … Read more

7 Facts About Assyrian Christians and Their Persecution

Assyrians are an ethnic group that claim to be the descendants of Assyria, one of the world’s oldest civilizations. They are indigenous to the Middle East and some identify themselves as Syriacs, Arameans, or Chaldeans. Assyrians adhere to the East and West Syriac liturgical Christian rites.  Most recently, many Assyrians have been displaced from their … Read more

4 Prominent People Who Survived the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian genocide took place during the First World War. It was the systematic mass murder of nearly a million ethnic Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. This horrific incident was spearheaded by the ruling Committee of Union and Progress. It was characterized by mass executions, death marches to the Syrian Desert, and forced conversions to … Read more

Restrictions Placed on Ecumenical Patriarch by Turkey

The secular government of Turkey had placed certain conditions on the Ecumenical Patriarch. According to Turkish law, he is subject to the Republic of Turkey’s authority. Turkish law, however, allows the election of the Patriarch by the Standing Synod of Metropolitan Bishops. In order to be electable, the law requires the candidates to be citizens … Read more

A Brief History of Christian Persecutions

Christians have faced persecution somewhere or the other in this world from the early days. It won’t be wrong to state that persecution of Christians began right from the time Christianity was founded. The symbol of Christians globally is the cross, which represents the wooden frame Jesus Christ was crucified on. After the crucifixion of … Read more

Reasons for Christian Persecution During the Roman Empire

The persecution of Christians happened throughout most of the history of the Roman Empire. This empire followed polytheism, which was based on the traditions of Hellenistic religion and paganism. When Christianity began spreading throughout the empire, it got into an ideological conflict with the imperial cult.  Christians abhorred the pagan practices, as their religious beliefs … Read more

5 Charities That Support the Persecuted Christians

Christians have been facing persecutions since the first century of the Christian era. Even today, when the world has become much more advanced, they’re being persecuted in different corners of the world. Every year, many Christian converts and missionaries are targeted in various countries.  Sometimes, they’re even killed for their faith. The world has witnessed … Read more

How Can Christians Help the Persecuted Ones of Their Faith

Globally, the persecution of Christians became more severe during the pandemic. Many of them were denied medical care and excluded while distributing relief aid. In some countries, there were attacks on churches, Christian girls were abducted, and there were instances of forced conversions.  At a few other places, pastors were imprisoned and people of Christian … Read more