4 Casino Establishments That Help Christian Charities

The contributions made by the casino establishments have been quite significant in recent times. This has happened despite the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The societal contributions that these establishments have benefited the Christian charities immensely. Among these charities are the ones that work for the persecuted Christians. 

Most of these casino establishments have also done a commendable job in providing personal protective equipment. The items include millions of face masks donated to the medical personnel, first responders, employees, and guests. Here we’ve listed some of the greatest casino establishments that have offered their valuable support in these troubled times:

1. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR)

This casino is involved in a lot of community work in many different ways. Through their initiative called GSR Cares, the team members have volunteered with charities and local organizations. Besides working with Christian charities, GSR has also volunteered for many causes. 

It has tie-ups with Lyft and the Zero Fatalities Coalition for preventing impaired driving in the areas of Northern Nevada. Additionally, the casino establishment is supporting education for the region by donating $35,000 to Washoe County School District. It has also pledged an additional donation of $25,000.

2. Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment operates a grand luxury hotel and casino in Nevada called Caesars Palace. It also supports local businesses and Christian charities. The establishment encourages responsible business practices, including inspiring employees, guests, and partners to contribute to making a positive impact. 

Caesars opened the ‘Caesars Forum’ in early 2020 an ultra-modern conference centre. Through their ‘Arrive and Thrive’ initiative, they mentored many businesses. Caesars Entertainment was recognized among The Civic ’50s most community-minded companies in 2020 for the sixth consecutive year.

3. Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands is a Nevada-based company known for its resort and casino establishments. Following the closure of their properties owing to the pandemic, it covered the payroll costs of its employees. It also provided a weekly stipend for its part-time and hourly employees. The company donated $250,000 to many institutions, which included schools and Christian charities. 

Additionally, Las Vegas Sands distributed more than 68,100 pounds of food throughout the Las Vegas Valley. The company donated two million N95 respirators and surgical masks to healthcare workers, first responders, and non-profit organizations.

4. Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Reno

This Nevada-based casino resort is committed to giving back to communities in the northern parts of the state. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has continued its support for those in need. When all the non-essential businesses were closed, Atlantis provided all its team members with two weeks’ pay. 

The company supplied more than 3,000 pounds of food to its team members and local charities. Atlantis has been donating thousands of dollars every year to multiple Christian charities and organizations. The recent donations of Atlantis included $50,000 to MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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