Alimjan Yimit

ChinaPersecuted Christian, Alimjan Yimit from China

Alimjan had just begun planting fruit trees on his land when he met and married his wife Gulner. They both were active in their church and were soon blessed with two children. Life was good for this young family… until his arrest.

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ColombiaPersecuted Christian, Jacqueline from Colombia

No one wants to imagine a world where children are targeted by criminals… but that is exactly the situation in Colombia.

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Susan Ithungu

Persecuted Christian, Susan from UgandaUganda

Locked in a dark room without food and water, 14-year old Susan was left to die… by her father!

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Kim Tae Jin

Persecuted Christian, Kim Tae Jin from North KoreaNorth Korea

Kim Tae Jin finds it difficult to talk. The contrast between his life in North Korea and his life now in Seoul are too great. “The most difficult thing for me is making decisions,” Kim says quietly. ”Freedom of choice is unknown in North Korea. As I got older my doubts grew about the propaganda the government fed us.”

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MexicoPersecuted Christian, Cristina from Mexico

Four-year-old Cristina, along with her mother and 13-year-old brother, quickly walked up the steep trail. Lagging behind them, they urged her to move faster as they did not want to be late for church. In a matter of minutes her world would be turned upside-down.

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Debbie Figueras and Polly Sigulim

IsraelPersecuted Christians, Debbie Figueras and Polly Sigulim from Israel

Debbie and Polly live in Arad which is located about 12 miles from the Dead Sea. Both women are mothers, both women have a heart to serve… and both women are persecuted for their love for Jesus.

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Tamirat WoldeGorgis

EthiopiaPersecuted Christian, Tamirat WoldeGorgis from Ethiopia

“God have your forsaken me?” Tamirat asked. Sharing a 13×13 foot cell with 40 other inmates; the human stench was over powering. Bodies were everywhere. Inmates had to take turns to simply lie down. Even in such tight quarters, he never felt so alone.

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BangladeshPersecuted Christian, Anamika from Bangladesh

Constructed of corrugated tin, the walls and roof of the small structure shone brightly beneath the sun’s powerful rays. Huddled together on the floor, sat Anamika’s six students eagerly waiting for their reading lessons to begin. But this day would be different; today they also had visitors who had come to hear how this young girl, a former Muslim, had come to Christ.

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Pastor Gajjal Niladhri Paul

IndiaPersecuted Christian, Gajjal from India

“It is my responsibility to preach the gospel, and I will continue doing it.” Lying in a hospital bed recovering from a brutal attack, Pastor Paul vowed, “Even if I die, I will die for the Lord.”

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Laila Hamad

North SudanPersecuted Christian, Laila from North Sudan

On the brink of despair, Laila struggled to meet the needs of her family. With her husband unemployed, their meager funds barely stretched far enough to put food on the table. When she heard about Open Doors’ program to empower women, she jumped at the chance to participate.

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Adamu DanMaina, Mahmud Haruna and Shuaibu Haruna

NigeriaPersecuted Christian, Laila from North Sudan

Bewildered by the blatant injustice of the situation, the three brothers found it hard to wrap their minds around what was happening to them. Days earlier they had tried to defend their Christian community when it came under attack from hostile Muslims… and now they were in jail. Finding the courage to respond with grace, the men turned their imprisonment into a chance to share the gospel with fellow inmates.

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